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New Productions - Visisonor

" "5th Motion (2012)

A groundbreaking multimedia installation, presenting a highly innovative concept of Motion Theatre: film, audio, sensorial elements, and high-tech cinematic experience producing totally immersive environment for all audiences. The cinematic journey includes 3D video, 8 channel digital surround, a motion platform...

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The Recorder (Blockflute) made a reappearance in about 1900 when early music began to be ‘revived’ in Europe, but all of its playing techniques had to be entirely rediscovered. The Netherlands was a protagonist in the emergence of this ‘new’ instrument. BLOCKFLUTE MASTERS is a unique documentary film and performace which portrais...

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" "BLACK PENCIL-Pulso Llanero (2011-2012)

Pulso Llanero features a unique combination of new contemporary works specially written for the project, together with sparkling arrangements of folk tunes from the northern coast of South-America. virtuosic instrumental music, sometimes serene and lyrical, sometimes restless and freely aggressive...

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" "

Duo MARES-Falsche Tango (2011-2012)

geïnspireerd door de grote diversiteit en de brede populariteit van tango. Elementen van traditionele tango, tango nuevo, en neo-tango worden gecombineerd met hedendaagse vocabulaire, alsmede het verkennen van ‘foute tango’, wat soms resulteert in flarden muziek die elkaar snel opvolgen en de zoetheid van de tango een...

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